6" Bench Shear PREORDER (random color)

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UPDATED 7/182024: Shears will not be back from powder and ready to ship until late August!






These shears were originally produced and offered by Potter USA. The design is the same, made with stacked 3/8" Steel for a stable body, and AR500 blades - the same used for armoring military and police vehicles and body armor. They're going to last a LONG time! 

These tools are designed and made strictly for non-ferrous metals used in metalsmithing. Recommended maximum gauge is 16G or 1.291mm. These are not intended for use of cutting thicker or other metals, and doing so constitutes misuse and will void any warranty.

All shears are shipped already greased in appropriate areas with the blades pre-aligned and square to the cutting edge, but adjustments may be made by the buyer if necessary. The cutting platform has been pretreated with a light coating of LPS3 as a rust preventative, but may require reapplication with time and use. All maintenance should be done by the buyer, as proper care will keep your investment in great working order. Instructions can and will be given if and when necessary.

Every shear has been tested true to quality immediately prior to shipping. 


We are requiring all buyers to sign a waiver of liability before shipment. This waiver will be delivered and should be returned via email from oregontrailsilver@yahoo.com and is written to protect us should anyone incur injury while using or handling them. This also includes lifting and moving your shear.


Until further notice, our shears are only available within the boundaries of the United States of America due to shipping and customs costs. We will work on obtaining more information on international shipping and will update the site if this option becomes available.

Shears will ship once a month, usually within a week or two of ordering unless they are preordered. 6" Shears will be shipped via UPS in a secure, heavy duty box with expanded foam to protect them from any damage while in transit. Tracking numbers will be provided as soon as the shear is on it's way.


When your shear is delivered, please note the weight of the package and determine for yourself if you are able to move it on your own. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance if you feel it is too heavy for you. Each 6" Shear weighs approximately 45lbs on it's own.

When unboxing your shear, please note the label marked "This Side Up." That will indicate which end to open. Remove all packaging from the inside and discard, then - preferably with two people - lift the shear out and set it on it's feet. DO NOT REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE COVERING ON THE BLADES  OR UNSTRAP THE HANDLE UNTIL IT IS SET UP WHERE YOU WANT IT TO GO! Failure to do so can risk serious personal injury or damage to the shear!

Though it is not required, for best results (and to keep the shear from shifting while in use) you can bolt your shear to a bench. A good height is at about hip level, so you can see what you are doing and use your body weight to cut your metal with ease. 

NEVER PUT YOUR FINGERS INSIDE THE CUTTING AREA. Always mind your body parts, clothing, wearable accessories and surroundings to ensure safe usage. More safety information and tips and techniques will be included with the shear as well as in video form. Your shear might be a little stiff at first but with use, the friction will wear off.


Our warranty is somewhat informal, but should you have any issues with your shear's capabilities we will try and take care of you as best as we can provided you aren't using it to cut ferrous metals or any metal thicker than recommended (16G or 1.291mm.)


If, (on the rare occasion) your blade becomes misaligned or dull, we will replace them at no cost to you for the lifetime you own your shear: but installation is up to you as the buyer to perform. We will provide not only detailed instruction, but one on one assistance so you are not left to your own devices. After the last five years of being in this industry, our reputation to provide not only quality tools, but great customer service, is something we take a lot of pride in: so please don't hesitate to contact us should you need some one on one assistance! These services are non-transferrable.

By purchasing from this website you are agreeing to all terms and conditions of use, waiver of liability, and understanding of warranty information. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, and thank you for being a part of the Oregon Trail Silver Family!