Shop Policies


* NO EXCHANGES: If you double order or for some reason want another design, OTS will no longer exchange your plates for you. If you have an account with us you can easily check to see which ones you have already ordered in the past. There are also sites on Facebook dedicated to destashing your tools should you choose to offload any.

*NO SPECIAL REQUESTS DURING SALES: Please understand that while I appreciate so many of you loving our designs, what we have listed for our monthly sales is what we've got. If it isn't offered, I cannot go out of my way to get it to you until it recycles back into another sale.

*NO RUSH ORDERS: All of my plates are made to order and ship in the order they are received. This is done on a first come, first serve basis and I can no longer accommodate rush requests as it isn't fair to everyone who had ordered before yours was placed.


International (non-domestic United States) orders may be subject to additional taxes and charges outside of your order purchase price. Oregon Trail Silver is not responsible for those charges and does not collect any monetary value from them. For more information please contact your local carrier or the United States Postal Service.