Shop Policies


Please understand that each stamp is hand carved based on the original and is subject to minor differences in details. As such, each stamp is still considered one of a kind. Orders can take up to two weeks to carve but depending on the volume of orders, can take a little longer. Never hesitate to contact the shop owner for updates but be patient, orders are completed by the order they're placed.


Anyone can place a design request by FaceBook or email. However the artist reserves the right to allow each design request completed to be offered as available for re-creation and sale. Each design request is carved in order of receipt, and ONLY after paid orders are carved. Seller has the right to refuse requests, but we try to pass on clients to other artists whenever possible. I WILL NOT RECARVE ANOTHER ARTISTS STAMPS! Commercial or independent handmade!! I can come up with my own version but as a show of respect for artistic creativity (as artists yourselves, you understand...) please do not ask. I.E. if you want a certain leaf carved that is already available through another company or artist, please purchase theirs or ask me to create one of my own design.


This shop offers NO REFUNDS. Each stamp is mailed out with a "proofmark" - a piece of 24G unannealed copper with the impression of the actual stamp received on it - as proof that the stamp works as intended. If you are having issues getting a good impression, contact the shop owner and ask for assistance. Many factors can play into not being able to get a good impression and please remember, stamping is an art. Even the slightest change in technique can yield GREAT results. Also, the larger the stamp with the finer details, the more important it is to use precise techniques. Many videos are available at to assist in proper stamping techniques.

If you are still having trouble getting a good impression, request to have the stamp shipped back and make sure it doesn't need any minor adjustments. Return shipping is not necessary and offered as a complimentary service. If necessary, a new stamp will be carved. Keep in mind, the proofmark is there to ensure useability of the stamp.


If you receive a product that is brittle or breaks at ANY TIME, contact the shop owner and a new one will be sent to you, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. This is good for the life of the stamp, and they're meant to be built to last!


International (non-domestic United States) orders may be subject to additional taxes and charges outside of your order purchase price. Oregon Trail Silver is not responsible for those charges and does not collect any monetary value from them. For more information please contact your local carrier or the United States Postal Service.


Oregon Trail Metal Stamps is not responsible for any injury do to working with the products purchased under any circumstances. Your safety is your responsibility. By placing an order you are agreeing to all of the terms on this page.

We try to be VERY good at making sure that each client receives not only a quality product, but the best customer service that can be offered. But we can only help you if you let us, so please be kind and we will do the best we can to rectify any issues you have. We want you to have a GREAT experience here at OTMS!