Removing and Preventing Rust on Texture Plates and Impression Dies

Posted by Roberta Pihl on

Ready for one more? Removing rust and rust preventative!
I noticed a couple of my tools were developing a little problem with rust recently, as we have had some wetter weather than usual. This is how I treat and prevent rust, but please feel free to share your own way!
Captioned photos show my own process!
Rust forming on two of my tools.
Loctite DAP naval jelly to the rescue!
I like the naval jelly because I can just clean off the problem areas, it works FAST, and requires very little if any scrubbing. I’ll rub it in and wash it off with an SOS pad and pretty warm water for good measure, but really only because of the detergent on the SOS pad... ever notice those things almost never rust until they get wet?
Dried off and still warm from rinsing.
Spray on some LPS3 - it doesn’t take much and this doesn’t take long! Wipe it down and rub it in, being careful to get it out of the recesses of the designs. If it is left on too heavy, it will leave a sticky, waxy residue! So Make sure to wipe it off as completely as you can. It will leave a light, velvety film that is barely noticeable, as the product has sunk down into the pores of the steel.
LPS3 is barely noticeable when it’s applied - it’s not greasy and doesn’t build up, and if you notice any change at all it’s the slightly velvety feel of the steel due to the wax-like resist that’s sunk into the pores of the steel. Since these are compression-based tools you may want to reapply every so often after heavy use.
Happy creating!


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