Wooden Necklace Display

Regular price $25.00

This Handmade Wooden Display is made from 1/8" thick lightweight wood and is 9.75" high x 13.25" wide. It is easy to set up and break down for great portability and can be customized at home with your own choice of stain or leave it plain! You can also add stickers with logos and prices!

Displays 9 Necklaces in sets of 3 tears, and three sets of earrings as a bonus! The back bar can be raised and lowered to adjust to various preferred chain lengths as well!

These displays are laser cut and may show some residual laser residue along the edges. Excess moisture can warp the boards so be sure to keep them dry. If you choose to stain yours, keep in mind that may also cause the boards to warp so make sure to press with a weight across all pieces until fully cured.