Gecko Tribal

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Weatherproof vinyl decals will adhere to any smooth surface! Use on toolboxes, windows, notebooks, vehicles.. etc.! Works well on glass and smooth metal! 

To use:

1. Begin with a clean surface. Before adhering your decal, use a window cleaner and allow to dry fully before application. 

2. Laying the decal design side down on a flat surface, use a credit card to “burnish” or rub the entire back of the decal. This allows the vinyl to adhere to the transfer tape.

3. GENTLY peel away the backing from the transfer tape making sure that the decal doesn’t peel away from it. If the decal lifts, burnish again.

4. Line up your decal on a clean surface and gently press the sticker on. Use your card to burnish the image onto the surface, ensuring that there are no air bubbles under the decal. 

5. Gently peel away the transfer tape. The vinyl will adhere more to the surface than the tape and the tape should come off cleanly. 

6. Double check your decal for bubbles and if necessary, use your thumbnail to very gently press them out the sides. That’s it! You’re finished! 

Will combine shipping with metal stamps or jewelry if ordered together!