Luck’O The Irish Connemara Cuff

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This is an original 2020 Oregon Trail Silver handmade cuff! It features a .999 silver backplate, embellishments with a 24K plated bezel and shamrocks, and the rails are 6G half round Sterling Silver to provide strength and stability. 

This cuff is suitable for a size 7 wrist: the overall length is 6" with a gap of 1.25". Silver-only weight is 4.47 ounces, total weight with stones is 4.96oz. It's a solid piece!

The main stone is Irish Connemara Marble that was purchased as a worry stone direct from Connemara, Ireland, hand-cut and polished by the artist of the cuff (Roberta Pihl) and is accompanied by two tube-set 6mm genuine faceted peridots.

All of the silver on this cuff except the tubes for the peridot and the wire for the sides (the only .925 on the cuff) was cast and hand rolled in-shop from cleaned .999 scrap. This piece is quality marked .999 and hallmarked x2. 


My personal opinion and letter to the person who buys it:

I never thought I would sell this piece. I have loved and admired and hoarded this cuff for the last three years, and then put it in a box and brought it out to love and admire some more (or to use as an example to help other artists out.) As an artist it's my duty to share my art with the world - as a jewelry artist I really should be allowing people to actually purchase and enjoy it themselves in person. Allowing this cuff to "make the cut" is not a matter of necessity for me, but more as an understanding that there is someone out there who will enjoy it by using it to its full potential as much as I enjoyed making it. If you decide to purchase this cuff - which has been made with every ounce of love and care I have for this craft - please know that should you ever need any cleaning, plating re-application or repairs I will happily handle that myself as long as it doesn't need a complete rebuild because (for example) someone ran over it with a truck. For anything fixable other than a design flaw, you agree to pay shipping here and back and I'll take care of anything that needs attending to, but I genuinely don't believe this cuff will ever need my attention again. I believe it deserves yours <3


Thank you for considering adding this piece to your personal collection - if you have any questions, please direct them HERE and I will get back as soon as possible!


Roberta Pihl