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$100 Gift Certificate

Regular price $100.00

This purchase allows for a $100 Credit towards ANY Oregon Oregon Trail Silver order! 

How it works:

After purchasing, within 24 hours an email will be sent to the email provided on checkout with a special code singular to the buyer. It will come in printable format so it can be gifted to any one recipient - or forwarded in email format as you choose. 

The code can only be used ONE TIME and then it is spent! 

The coupon is good until it is used and has no expiration date. 

If your gift certificate coupon code becomes lost or stolen please contact us via phone or email on the Contact Us page and it will become deactivated immediately. A new code will be sent to the original purchaser ONLY! Failure to do so, and Oregon Trail Silver will not be liable for refunds or returns of the code. 

*CAN be purchased with a coupon code!

*CANNOT be used in conjunction with a second coupon code!