Monthly Texture Plate Designs

Every month I come out with 12 new texture plate designs to help artists along with their craft! These designs are ONLY available for a limited time, as the templates must be reclaimed to come out with new designs for the following month!

Each plate measures 2.5”W x 7”L x 1/8” thick and can be used in a rolling mill, hydraulic press or by hand with a hammer and some lead or crunched up ball of tin foil! (See Videos section for detailed instructions!)

ALL SALES ARE BASED ON PREORDERS! I make each plate as they’re ordered and they can take between 2-3 weeks for shipping, depending on workload! I get a lot of orders but I promise I work hard to see to it you all get great quality handmade American tools to add to your metalsmithing arsenal! 

To order, you can find me on FaceBook or email me at with your request! I will send a paypal invoice and as soon as your order is paid, it goes directly into queue and is handmade especially for you!

Here is a list of what is available right now! Sale ends October 13, 2019!