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NEW Puppy paw prints texture plate

Regular price $60.00

These texture plates are MADE TO ORDER and can take up to 3-5 weeks to ship based on the process involved to create them and depending on workload!! They are etched on mild steel, and will be received wrapped in cellophane, lightly oiled. 

The dimensions are 2.5”W, 7”Land 1/8” thick to accommodate most rilling mills. CHECK YOUR ROLLING MILL to make sure they will fit if you intend to use them in one! There are no refunds or returns, and under NO circumstances will Oregon Trail Silver or its owner be held liable for damage to the mill or the plate should any occur. 

Plates can also be used in a hydraulic press as well as with a hammer using tin or lead balls. 

Please refer to the video HERE for use in a rolling mill:

For use with a hammer, demonstration is HERE: